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In the last two years I've spent a lot of timecriss crossing Turkey by car. This last trip, the longest at 4 weeks was possibly the most 'epic'. Part assignment work, part research for future assignments and part just fun. I've said it before but I am constantly amazed at the diversity of the Turkish landscape and the generosity of its' people. A few highlights : 

In the northern Anatolian city of Çorum I spent a morning wandering the old market area where I stopped and chatted (and drank tea) with a knife maker (above) and third generation leather craftsman. Later that morning I stopped off for a simit - probably one of the best I've ever had. One thing lead to another and crack of dawn the next morning I found myself in the bakers' shop watching he and his crew crank out batch after batch. 

I love random encounters. This guy ran up to me in Çorum and asked me to take his picture. After I did I went to show him the pic in the LCD and he walked off without looking. No idea what was going on there.

In Kahramanmaraş a group of kids wanted me to take their photos. As I was shooting them this little girl broke from the pack and ran over to this door. Obviously, she had more esthetic sense than I did. That door is right out of a Hollywood prop room. Wonderful.

Food is often a gateway for me. In Antakya, two ladies sat in an alleyway cleaning beans. I stopped to take a detail of the beans inwhich they promptly invited us into their home (a turn of the century French villa no less) for coffee. As we drank coffee people would poke their heads in and ask about the beans. They showed us around the house and ask I was leaving I wondered to myself if I would invite perfect strangers into my house? 

In the Black Sea town of Sinop, fishing is not solely a male activity. 

On a warm afternoon in Istanbul this man strolled out and after lovingly dusting off his baby blue Vespa sat on the bike with a look of shear delite.

If anything Turkey has taught me how to 'hang'. Until I started going to Turkey I had little desire to sit and drink coffee or tea. Now it seems wrong if I don't spend a least some time each day doing just that. 

Ah, the road. Is there a better feeling than having a tank of gas and no itinerary?

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The King Must Die

by Mary Renault

The first in Mary Renault's trilogy of well-researched page-turners features the tale of Theseus, slayer of the Minotaur and the king of Athens. Known for her exhaustive research, Renault is an acknowledged master of historical fiction.

Corelli's Mandolin

by Louis De Bernieres

This lyrical novel captures the humanity, quirks and loves of village life in the Greek islands. A satire of war, this charming and richly-colored novel is set on Cephalonia during the Italian occupation in the 1940s.

Greece Map

by Freytag & Berndt

Scaled at 1:500,000, this Austrian-produced map covers all of mainland Greece and every Greek island, with some overlap on the western shores of Turkey. With relief detail and in full color.

Postcards from Greece, Recipes from Across the Greek Seas

by Stephen Joyce (Photographer), Rebecca Seal

Making the cuisine of the Greek islands easy to digest, this collection of recipes by the British food writer includes cheese pies, moussaka, chocolate mousse and much more.

DK Eyewitness Top Ten Corfu & the Ionian Islands

by Inc. Dorling Kindersley

A compact, illustrated guide in the popular series, featuring favorite attractions.

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece

by Robert Morkot

This pictorial survey of Greek antiquity, recording its culture and expansion, features dozens of full-color maps.

The Colossus of Maroussi

by Henry Miller

Miller captures the spirit and warmth of the resilient Greek people in this inspired tale of a wartime journey from Athens to Crete, Corfu and Delphi with his friend Lawrence Durrell.

Introducing the Ancient Greeks, From Bronze Age Seafarers to Navigators of the Western Mind

by Edith Hall

Classicist Edith Hall visits 10 Greek communities at different moments during the 20 centuries of ancient Greek history, brilliantly assembling a unified vision of the Greek spirit.

Greek, A Language Map

by Kristine K. Kershul

This durable, foldout card gives easy phonetic pronunciation for several hundred of the most commonly needed words and phrases.

Travels With Epicurus

by Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein’s witty meditation on the ancients, life in the Greek Islands, his favorite philosophers -- and growing old gracefully -- is also a delightful romp through the Aegean, primarily Hydra

The Siege of Rhodes

by Nanami Shiono

By the early sixteenth century, Rhodes had become the last bastion of Christian power within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire. Shiono depicts the Ottomans' 100,000-man siege of the island in 1522.

The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece

by Mark Ottaway

Organized geographically, this handsome oversize picture book is an illustrated portrait of Greece with hundreds of color photographs accompanying lively essays.

The Greek Myths, Complete Edition

by Robert Graves

A new edition of Graves' classic collection with a cover by comic book artist Ross MacDonald. This expert retelling by Graves, a poet, memoirist and the author of I, Claudius (ITL429), still remains the seminal modern translation of the mythologies of Ancient Greece.

Insight Guide Greece

by Insight Guides

An illustrated survey of the history, culture and attractions of Greece for the traveler with excellent full-color maps and chapters on Athens, the Cyclades, Ionian Islands and other regions throughout Greece and the Greek Islands.

Ancient Greece: Art, Architecture, and History

by Marina Belozerskaya, Kenneth Lapatin

This lively illustrated guide covers the architecture, painting and sculpture of Ancient Greece from the third millennium to the end of the Hellenistic period. With 282 color and 28 black-and-white illustrations.

The Parthenon

by Mary Beard

Cambridge University classicist Beard brings the Parthenon to life in this lively tale of the construction, significance and uses of the 2,500-year-old Athenian marvel that became, among other things, cathedral, mosque and cultural icon.

The Greeks, An Illustrated History

by Diane Harris Cline

This accessible photographic history of ancient Greece pays special attention to Greek innovations: great literature and architecture, war tactics, democracy, the Olympics, Socrates and much more. Cline laces the gripping story of the Greek empire with archaeological discoveries.

Modern Greece, What Everyone Needs to Know

by Stathis Kalyvas

A primer on Greek history from the 19th century on, with an in-depth look at the government debt crisis of 2010 and a consideration for the far-reaching implications of the country’s current economic instability.


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