Uif Essay Competition 2015

Princeton Innovation is proud to announce the results of its  inaugural high school essay competition, “Explore Scientific Innovation!”

Participants were asked to write about either a past or future scientific breakthrough that they felt had the greatest impact. We received submissions from several dozen highly qualified applicants. Essays were judged based on creativity, clarity, and content by our team of editors and our faculty advisor. Our five winners exemplified the ways in which our organization aims to communicate exciting science.  The winners’ essays can be found at the following links:

Alex Wang – Invention of the Microphone

Christian Cosgrove – Convolutional Neural Networks

Shree Nadkarni – Recombinant DNA

Jason Fiacco –  A Scientific Understanding of Creativity

Once again, thank you to all our participants, and congratulations to the pieces selected above! Be on the lookout for information about entering in next year’s competition!

Recent Achievements!

Alhamdulillah! Baytul-Iman Academy won four top positions in Annual NJ Islamic Schools Science Fair held at Noble Leadership Academy on Feb 22, 2018

Alhamdulillah! Baytul-Iman Academy continues its tradition of winning at the Annual ICNA–Islamic Quiz Competition 2017. Baytul-Iman Academy bagged First Position in almost all levels.

Alhamdulillah! Baytul-Iman Academy won 4 Gold pins (top 2%) and 13 Silver pins (top 10%) in Math Olympiad Competition. Baytul-Iman Academy was also awarded with the Highest Team Achievement Award.

Alhumdullilah! Baytul-Iman Academy won the FIRST PLACE TROPHY IN NEW JERSEY SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Competition 2016. Our 8th year of winning a Trophy Masha Allah!

Alhumdulillah! For the 9th year, our student is a finalist in Nationwide Muslim students English language Poetry Contest on Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Alhumdullilah! One of our students got a third place Prize in Regional Quran Qirat Competition hosted by Helping Hand ICNA-Philadelphia!

Alhumdulillah Six students of Baytul-Iman Academy completed Hifz (memorization ) of the entire Quran and have lead Ramadan Taraweeh in 5 Central Jersey Locations!


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