Essay On Crime Against Women

Essay about Crimes Against Children

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Crimes Against Children

Child abuse has been a major social concern only since the 1950s but adults have victimized children throughout history. Children are the most vulnerable of all groups which is why child abuse victims are of great concern to society. There are different forms of crimes against children, child abuse, physical or sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. Child abuse is the neglect of or violence against children. From 1998 to 2000, 367,000 children were harmed by their parents. Physical abuse includes intentionally beating, biting, burning, strangling, hitting, kicking or shaking a child. In the 1060s the term “battered child syndrome” was coined. This is a condition where a child suffers serious physical…show more content…

These include minor injuries to brain damage and even death, low self- esteem, depression, substance abuse and suicide attempt. Cognitive effects include attention problems, learning disorders and poor school performance. Behavior issues range from poor peer relations to physical aggression to violent behavior. Males and females react differently to abuse. Males tend to externalize their feeling and are more likely to develop conduct disorders, while females tend to internalize their feelings leading to depressive disorders. Practices of the community and the justice and social services systems may have long-term effects. Children who are members of racial or ethnic minorities often meet with discrimination. Researches have suggested that victimized children are more likely to develop behavior problems in adolescence and may be labeled juvenile offenders. Abused and neglected children score lower on IQ tests and usually fail to complete school which leads to menial and unskilled jobs. Interpersonal relationships are also affected by child maltreatment. Frequent divorce and separation are more common in abused and neglected people. Childhood abuse also increases the risk of being arrested for violent crime. The psychological and emotional fallout for abused children include suicide attempts, antisocial personality disorder and alcohol abuse or dependency. Abused and neglected children may exhibit aggressiveness and behavior problems in childhood, delinquency

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Once women were worshipped as goddesses in India. Gradually their status deteriorated. Historical, religious and social compulsions made them virtual slaves to men folk. Centuries of maltreatment and oppression resulted in the total loss of their separate identity and individuality. Today the greatest numbers of crimes are committed against them.

They are harassed, tortured and ill-treated. The lure of making easy money has led to outrageous demands for dowry. Brides are harassed and burnt alive if they do not bring sufficient dowry. Many girls commit suicide to save their parents from humiliation. Some choose to remain unmarried. Some become call-girls and prostitutes. The prejudice against the girl child is the result of all these factors.

Today it is possible to determine the sex of the unborn child. This has led to the abhorrent practice of female feticide. Eve-teasing is common, for women are considered objects of sex. Abduction and rape are everyday occurrences. Even minor girls are not spared.

Working women are exploited everywhere. Women are criminally assaulted in police lock-ups and even so-called protective homes are not safe for them. Ironically, they bear the brunt of hostility between their men folk. The remedy lies in women's education and economic independence. Stringent laws with no loopholes must be made to protect the interests of women. Above all, the moral atmosphere of the society must undergo a complete transformation.



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