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Going through school as a student with ADD / ADHD or a learning disability can be more of a struggle than a lot of people can really wrap their heads around.  For these students, traditional school and teaching methods might not be as effective, and even though the smarts are there, the process in which they’re trying to process the information is not totally compatible with their brains.

And the funny thing is, is that students with ADD/ ADHD and/or learning disabilities aren’t really outliers in the education system.  Around 4% of all students have learning disabilities and approximately 3-5% have ADD / ADHD. There is obviously some overlap there, but that means that in a classroom of 24-30 students, at least one will have ADD / ADHD.

What you and everybody needs to know is that having a learning disability or ADD / ADHD does not make a person stupid. Their brains just work differently.

So even if you’ve struggled with traditional school, there are higher education options out there in form of scholarships (yay!!!) and resources (woo hoo!!!).

You are not alone, and here are some links to prove it:

Scholarships for Students with ADD / ADHD & Learning Disabilities

Novotni Scholarship – for students with ADHD

Shire’s ADHD Scholarship Program – for students with ADHD

Saralu Belkofer Scholarship – for students with learning disabilities, including ADHD

LD Resources Foundation Award Programs – for students with learning disabilities

Youth Achievement Award – for students with learning disabilities

Anne Ford & Allegra Ford Scholarships – for students with documented learning disabilities:

Learning Through Listening (LTL) Awards – for students with learning disabilities

Lime Connect Fellowship Program – for students with disabilities

College-Specific Resources for Students with ADD / ADHD & Learning Disabilities

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation
The foundation provides grants to their partner institutions in order to award scholarships to students with disabilities who are attending those institutions.

Landmark College in Vermont
This is the college of choice for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD – the entire educational program is designed to meet the needs of special learners:

Online Resources

Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Council for Exceptional Children

Edge Foundation – Coaching for Students with ADHD

Friends of – Where Learning Disabilities Meet Support

LD Resources Foundation, Inc.

Learning Ally – Making reading accessible for all

Learning Disabilities Association of America

National Center for Learning Disabilities 

National Resource Center on ADHD

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

What has your experience with ADD /ADHD or learning disability been?

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