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Mission 3: Arkham Asylum Antics

1: Blow up the large silver statue with the Powersuit that is built from the statue’s top hat.

2: Near the center of the labyrinth, where you receive the Wingsuit for Batman, shatter the glass wall that is covering a hole in the wall to find the kit.

3: Use Superman or Powersuit Batman to pull the orange handle where Bane’s mole machine is roaming around to open a hole in a wall, revealing the kit.

4: Use Lex on the statue near the spikes to form a lever. Pull it to reveal glass that you can then use Man-Bat to shatter.

5: Turn the gears in the far corner to open the gate below them. Hop down to the ground and go through the opening with Killer Croc or Aquaman.

6: Use Superman to freeze and then destroy the 5 fountains within the labyrinth.

7: Near the center of the maze there will be a white floor grate. Pull two levers and then use Cyborg to pull the magnetic box below out of the way. When you have cleared it, hop down under the grate and get the kit.

8: Have Lex deconstruct the door to the south and then have Superman melt the two gold wall plates. Next have Green Lantern put together the pieces which will roll a bowling ball and reveal a kit at the end of the corridor.

9: Near Robin’s acrobat suit to the southeast, use Lex to go through the barred gate. Next, use Poison Ivy in the southeast corner to go underground to a room to the east. Then use Joker on the electricity. Go back with Poison Ivy and smash the container on the wall to free the kit.

10: to the far west of the maze, there will be 4 gold flowers. Melt them with Superman and then go through the water with Killer Croc or Aquaman. Once on the far side, melt the wall statues with Superman and then use the left and right buttons to move the ball through the maze. When it drops, smash the vines to receive the final kit.

Mission 4: Asylum Assignment

1: Near the start of the mission, when Robin goes through the fans underwater, go to the left after entering the first fan to find the kit.

2: Use Superman or a flying character to fly over Killer Croc’s pen and grab the kit that is inside it on the left side.

3: For this kit, you will need to use either Killer Croc or Aquaman to pull the gold handle on the blockage at the end of the underwater corridor.

4: Just after the previous kit, climb the stairs and then hop over the railing. Use The Joker on the crate and build the lever. Pull it to raise the platform and grab the kit there.

5: To the far left, just after the previous kit, there will be a magnetic lock on a door. Use Cyborg to open it and then Green Lantern to put the pieces together. Hop through the hole that is made to collect the kit.

6: When you reach Mister Freeze’s cell, you will see a silver igloo to the far right. Use Penguin to place a bomb goon through the opening and it will travel to inside where Mister Freeze is. Once the window blows open, hop through and get the kit that is in the corner against the ceiling.

7: Use Robin to swing along the poles that are above the TV screens to grab the floating kit that is off to the right.

8: Once you pass the x-ray room, hop off the ledge – towards you, and you will find a door that Lex Luthor needs to open. Deconstruct it and enter to find the kit in there.

9: Fly north from the x-ray spot to find a patch of flowers that you will need Poison Ivy to dive into. Enter the green house to find the kit inside there.

10: There are 5 Joker faces that are painted on the walls. To clean them off and reveal the next kit, you will need to use Aquaman. Spray water at each one until it disappears and the kit will pop up.

Arkham Asylum Antics | Minikits LB2 Guide

#01 - At the beginning move to the left and use Lex to destroy black bricks. Move to the corridor and use laser to destroy gold wall. Use Green Lantern on bricks and pick up minikit which will show up.

#02 - At the beginning move right and destroy black gate using Lex's weapon. Move to the flower on the floor with Poison Ivy and use it to transport on the right side. Now use Joker on the electric device, get back on the left side, pull the handle and take minikit.

#03 - Use Batman or Penguin to destroy big statue with hat.

#04 - You have to freeze water and destroy 5 objects (the best way to get to them is to use flying character). First of them is in the right top corner of the labyrinth, second one is in the centre of the location where Bane is driving. Third one is on behind two walls on the left, fourth one on the left fringe wall and the last one in the bottom part of the labyrinth.

#05 - In the vertical bottom corridor of the labyrinth. If you go to the left you will find spikes and nearby is black statue. Destroy it with Lex, use bricks to build lever, pull it, jump on the platform on the right side and use Bat to destroy blue bricks.

#06 - In the left top corner of central part of labyrinth you will find a blue wall. Destroy it and pick up minikit.

#07 - In the labyrinth where you are fighting with Bane, move to the corridor on the bottom. In the centre of it you will find handle, pull it and you will get access to the next minikit.

#08 - Move to the left top corner of the labyrinth and push revolving mechanism. After that jump into the water and swim to the small room (it's much easier with Killer Croc).

#09 - In the left part of the labyrinth is corridor with grid on the floor. Hang on two levers on the left side and use magnesium to transport blue brick lying under the grid to the end of the grid. After that move under the grating and walk to the end of it.

#10 - Near left edge of the labyrinth is pool. Destroy gold flowers with laser and swim under plants using Killer Croc. After that use laser to destroy gold statues near walls, create two buttons and standing on them until little ball gets out of small labyrinth in the circle.


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