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I have 2 boys in school right now. The rule is, as soon as you get off the bus, its homework time. My oldest doesn't fight at all about it. He does all of his work and then goes about the rest of his day. And his grades prove to me that he knows what hes doing (he maintains an A-B average). My youngest however will lie about his school work. I trusted him to finish it but then I started getting letters from the teacher stating he was not completing his work. And his grades were starting to suffer because of it. The last 2 years he was a straight A student but this year his grades have dropped. So now, every day when he gets home, I have to check his backpack before he heads to his room with it. I hate doing it because I'm admitting I don't trust him. But after being caught hiding the work so he doesn't have to do it, I don't have an option. I have tried taking his favorite things from him, but that has not worked. He goes right back to lying.

In conclusion, my opinion all depends on the child and their ability to grasp what they are learning. If the child knows exactly what their doing or speaks up when they need help, then I don't see why homework should be checked. However, if the child lies about the school work or rushes through it without making an honest effort and you can see it in their grades, then yes their work should be checked before they are considered to be done. Again, this is my opinion and every parent has a different set of rules in their home.

Remember the movie, Meet the Parents?  Where Gaylord Faucker was hopelessly left outside his soon to be father in law’s magic circle of trust despite his every effort and very best of intentions. Once he was outside the circle it took quite the herculean effort to get back inside.

TRUST is a major issue in the workplace today.  Employee engagement has waned and the prevailing feeling in so many organizations can only be described as anxious and trapped.  It matters little whether the marketplace is talent rich, if the talent on the team isn’t aligned to the objectives and invested in the outcomes.  And invested just enough not to get fired doesn’t count.  I know a lot of passive jobs seekers, working and waiting for something better to come their way.

Sales and Marketing have a Circle of Trust with their customers.  So does Recruiting and Leadership with their employees. And trust and engagement are never higher than the moment someone says YES!  Once the big decision is made the trust should solidify and escalate into endearing loyalty and evangelism.  But it usually doesn’t.  The circle breaks down.

When interest is elevated and engagement is high its a violation if the ‘experience’ doesn’t meet the ‘expectation’.  Brands (and employer brands) that can deliver an experience, that exceed expectations consistently (exceed once and fail twice and you’ll drive people crazy and right into the hands of the competition) build loyalty and have the opportunity to drive evangelism.

Transparency and Authenticity are the new mandate.  You better BE what you SAY.  I read a great quote about this on the Edelman site last night.

“Audiences expect companies to interact with authenticity and transparency. Companies need engagement. Both will only achieve these if driven by compelling content that courts, plays and engages with credibility and professionalism. As Peter Whitehead wrote in the Financial Times, Web 2.0 is a world in which anyone can have a go at generating content; Web 3.0 is where professionals take the lead in shaping that content.  And those professionals are the production experts and the multichannel, multimedia engagement experts. A new world, needing a new marketing offer. It’s all for the taking.”

Content is everywhere.  Quality is another matter entirely.  And better communication inside and outside the company is imperative.  And experience is what really counts.

Authentic, Sincere, Transparent, Timely and Relevant Communication builds TRUST. With employees and customers.

How is your company doing?  Are they inside your circle?


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