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Properties of the research project, the paper or the thesis

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  • Registration status: "Confirmation pending" will be displayed until all confirmations have been issued. Then the status of the research paper/project/thesis will change to "Definite".
  • Confirmations are only displayed if they are required.
    • If a confirmation is pending, the person who should issue it has been informed.
    • If a confirmation has been refused, please contact the corresponding person directly.
  • The start date may be pre-defined, and cannot then be changed. The date range is a month before or after the current date.
  • Information on the research paper/project/thesis: The additional provisions are binding, as is the declaration of originality and the stipulations regarding plagiarism.
  • The submission date may also be pre-defined, or may be set according to the duration of the research paper/project/thesis.
  • Minimum number of co-supervisors: Enter their names and email addresses in the lines designated.
  • Research paper/project/thesis completed externally: If you undertake the research paper/project/thesis in another department, institute or university, or in a company or other institution, additional entries and possibly additional confirmations will be required.
  • Project outline: If required, upload your project outline. Depending on the research paper/project/thesis an outline may either only be uploaded at the start, or this may be possible sometime later. If a new outline is uploaded this will replace any earlier versions, which will be deleted.
  • Deletion: The research paper/project/thesis can only be deleted when it has “Started” status, before it is definitively registered.

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The contribution of trade secrets to knowledge diffusion and collaborative innovation is the focus of the latest intellectual property research paper from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

This latest paper aims to inform policymakers about shortcomings in existing frameworks for trade secret protection, which can undermine cross-border collaboration. It comes amid growing awareness among companies of their vulnerability to the theft of confidential business information.

For further information and to freely download the paper, please click here.

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