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Before coming to the lab, all students must download the appropriate Physics Lab Manual from the Physics Lab Website:

Students should familiarize themselves with the physics of the experiment to be performed. This requires reading the description of the experiment in the manual and appropriate sections of the textbook.


All students must also prepare the necessary tables for data acquisition and data analysis, and study the list of pre-lab questions posted on each course website. The students will be individually tested on those questions in a short 10 minute quiz at the beginning of each lab session.

Late Arrival

No student will be allowed to join their partner(s) and perform the experiment if he/she shows up more than 15 minutes after the lab has commenced.

Students arriving after the lab quiz period will not be permitted to make-up the quiz.


Students who miss a lab for legitimate reasons may be allowed to complete a make-up lab. Proof of illness or reason for absence may be required. Make-up labs are typically scheduled for the last week of regular classes during the semester. It may not be possible to accommodate all requests to provide make-up labs.

Data Submission

At the end of each lab session each member of the group is responsible for having a record of the data acquired. All members of the group are collectively responsible for giving a copy of the data sheet to the lab instructor.

Report Submission

Unless otherwise instructed, all members of the group are collectively responsible for jointly writing one lab report and submitting it to the appropriately marked slot of the drop box across from KHS237A, no later than the beginning of the lab period exactly one week from the date of experiment.

To help you write a good report, check the report content guidelines at:

If any penalties are incurred (e.g. report inadequacies, late submission, plagiarism, etc.), they will apply to all members of the group.

Late Reports Submissions

A lateness penalty of 20% will be applied after the specified due-date and time (e.g. a report marked 80% will now receive 60%). This rule will be in effect for exactly one week (thus ending on the same weekday and a the same time as the original deadline).


Students should be aware that the laboratory portion of the course is required: no passing grade will be assigned unless a satisfactory mark is obtained for the lab attendance and performance of the experiments as well as the required reports.

Please remember that no one will be granted a lab exemption for work done in a previous term. Therefore, a student who is repeating the course, even if they have completed the lab in the past, needs to re-do all experiments and submit reports on all of them on time in order to obtain a passing mark for the lab component.

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