Essay On Anti Corruption Pdf File

Corruption is the cancer at the heart of many of the world’s problems. It destroys jobs and holds back growth. It fuels instability and terrorism. It traps the poorest in poverty. It even corrodes trust in the sports we love.

In this collection of essays leading politicians, activists, journalists and academics begin a global debate about how we can fight back.

The opinions expressed in these essays are those of the authors, not HM Government. The authors are responsible for their accuracy and lawfulness. While every effort has been made to ensure that the essays are factually accurate and legally compliant, HM Government does not assume any liability in this regard. HM Government has used its best endeavours to ensure that the URLs for external websites referred to in this book are correct and active at the time of going to press. However, HM Government has no responsibility for the websites and can make no guarantee that a site will remain live or that the content is or will remain appropriate.

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