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Essay writing isn’t a child’s play, and needs a good amount of practice, and in-depth knowledge of the subject-matter. With every essay been added to the schedule arises the need to make it look different in terms of presentation, and make it read creative and appealing. For those who are new to writing an essay and have recently received a topic need not worry, as starting from what an essay is, to putting a good essay together is elaborated here for your quick help.

What an Essay Means?

To start with, let’s quickly see what an essay means!

An essay is a description of a specific topic, which could be informative, analytical or critical. There is freedom to structure the essay anyway, but are sometimes written in a prescribed format e.g. MLA, APA, etc., which defines the way the essay would be presented and how the bibliography/references would be included.

Different Types Of Essays

There are numerous types of essays based on the requirement and the subject-matter, but to be precise, few below listed ones are the major types of essays asked in the academics to write

  • Descriptive essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Critical essay
  • Thesis
  • Exemplification

Apart from these types of essays, we often come across something called as a college essay while we plan to secure an admission in a good college or university. A college essay is a kind of written document that some good universities ask the applicants to submit. This document contains the most important information about the students which the colleges require to pick the most deserving candidates for their colleges. It’s not just the information that a college essay presents, but the visual presentation of the document also proves to be a deciding factor as to how much would the candidate be able to impress the selectors. Writing a college essay is an art and requires intelligence, as it requires a student to put together the most appealing credentials about him or her in a manner that makes the essay get picked right away.

We have brought these 2 things to help you bring a great college essay ahead:

  • A well-structured essay
  • The points that get your essay an edge over others

College Essay: The Basic Structure

Although, creating a masterpiece in terms of a college paper requires a lot of practice, we have still put some quick points together to let you come up with the best essay.

  1. Make a rough draft about everything you have done, in terms of academics, sports, arts, etc. Everything that you believe showcases your skills and achievements should be listed in this rough area. We will later decide what to keep and what to omit, but in the first draft include everything that you may think of.
  2. Write an introductory paragraph that consists of the most exclusive pieces of information about you, which present you to be possessing set of skills that the college might absolutely require in the students they pick. Rest of the details could be pushed to the next stanza.
  3. Structure the entire essay in a way that it sounds with an appropriate flow.

What features make best essays?

  1. Clear and professional formatting is what gives an essay an edge over bulky and incorrectly formatted college essays. No matter how rich the content be, it’s highly unlikely to be picked if it doesn’t look clean.
  2. The best essays are the ones that give a good first impression in terms of absolutely correct grammar, simple and easy-to-understand sentences.
  3. Put a lot of time to draft, re-draft, and revise your college paper, as the first drafts ideally fail to capture all the important pieces of information.
  4. Put yourself in the selector’s shoes and see if your essay presents the profile of someone who would add some value to the college legacy or not. After you are done with reviewing by yourself, pass on your essay to some friends or family members to seek their feedback. They might have a variety of suggestions to make, but pick the ones that don’t mislead and demotivate you entirely, and make the necessary edits in your college essay.

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