Short Essay On Halloween

The late October wind was serene and tranquil as the bold orange sun faded into the seemingly empty autumn evening sky. Crisp shades of red, yellow, and orange from fallen leaves, formed a thin layer over the brown lawns of the neighborhood. Immediately noticeable bolder colors emerge from the decorations of the local estates, each with its own scheme of deep purples, grays, and oranges and a corresponding theme of horror. 

The homes it this neighborhood, in fact, were not your average homes, rather their very presence was towering. These homes were for the rich, those in particular that were fanatics about everything they do, the kind of people that live life to the maximum to keep living it. Therefore these homes were done up with the best of the best themes, decorations, and most of all parties.

For three friends who had never even seen this legendary neighborhood before, the event of a lifetime had occurred, they had been invited to attend Billy McDowell’s Halloween party. The promises of the night ahead of them were riveting. The party was not only going to be in the neighborhood of their dreams, but also would allow them to walk around the isle after the party was over. This would be a spectacular night, one of spooky houses, partying, and more. 

Billy was the new kid at school, a quiet but occasionally funny person, who was the kid you went to if you ever needed to borrow something. He was a nice enough guy that people got to know him and would hang out with him quite a bit. He was a tall, brown haired kid, with light tan skin. His objectives in school were blurred, because his parents were already so wealthy, and because of that he built a bad reputation of himself with teachers. As a result, he often found himself in detention, which was where he met Sam, Ray, and Craig. They didn’t really know him past the point of names, and for him to invite them to his spectacular house, simply because they sat near him in a schoolroom, was in their eyes very generous.

The party was only an hour away when Sam and his mom left their house to pick up the other boys for the party. They picked up Ray and Craig and then departed for the thirty-minute drive down the highway. When they arrived, the car, along with the enormous driveway had been enveloped by the overwhelming shadow of the mansion.

A mirage of white cobwebs covered in a few dozen fake spiders served as a veil for the magnificent structure in front of them. The party was beginning and a sense of Halloween took over the crowd. The lights, speakers, and fog generators all sequentially turned on and thus begun a night of terror and recreation. The speakers were all cleverly hidden behind themed figures with crude attention to detail and trees. The party was one of great character and enthusiasm, everyone was insanely happy to be exactly where they were, enjoying a party in the best place possible. 

As the party progressed, people started playing table tennis, going in the hot tub and watching horror movies inside. They were, after all, taking advantage of a place they would not see for another year when it would be decorated once again in dark colors. Just as the sky turned dark and the moon was at its full shine, the party was in for a terrifying surprise, the music stopped and the figures started to shiver. The crowd was terrified, what was happening to the figures? They started to move, this time a more significant amount, slowly walking towards the crowd. They shifted place in simple movements, with only the clearest intentions of where they were headed, towards the crowd of people. With everyone already terrified the figures started to make noises and the crowd of people shrieked in terror. With everyone moving together as a body, they had indeed cornered themselves. They had nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. This was it they thought to themselves, the last night they would see. Just as the figures made their final approach, they lifted their hands and wiped off their disguises. It was Billy’s neighbors; they had succeeded in scaring the crowd to the point of intense fear. Just another night in the neighborhood Billy thought to himself, thinking of the people behind the masks. It was a good trick, he agreed with his neighbors. The timing of the party could not have been better either, a perfect Halloween night where tons of teenagers were all hanging out. This was a trick for the books he decided.

At last it was over, the large party that the friends had been invited too had ceased to an end. They decided it would be better to laugh about it than to hold a grudge at people who were able to laugh at their terror. The best Halloween party of their lives had ended with a bang.

Halloween is a very amazing holiday, favorite for both kids and adults in America. In fact, it is a night of celebration which involves fun, costumes and candies. It is usually held once every year on 31st, October. Nevertheless, it normally provides an opportunity of dressing up in a scary manner.

Also, people have a choice of attending the celebration, being haunted in their houses or go tricking. In Halloween, every age group has a role to play. What makes the celebration to be amazing is that the All Hallows' Eve traditions got rich on stories, history and religious beliefs. That makes such holiday a good research topic for academic assignments, but usually students don't know how to write an assignment.

Mistakes, Which Many Students Make in Halloween Essay Writing

When writing a Halloween paper, it is important to make a decision of using either the past or present tense. After making your choice, it is advisable to be consistent.

  • The plot summaries instead of analysis

You wondered how to write an essay on Halloween holiday and took some scary story as a main topic? Don’t you forget about analytical statements. Even though it is necessary to recount on the plot, the paper should not be a plot summary.

Another mistake which is often committed by students in any essays is incomplete sentences. The writer might start constructing a complex sentence and forget to finish it.

Methods of Effective Writing

You might have been getting busy with ideas for a party. But, you don’t how to write a Halloween essays. There are amazing topics which should be covered within the assignment. Nevertheless, the subject matter is fascinating. Whereas, there are several tricks that might help you, the following are a simple illustration of two methods which will not take too much time or efforts: 

#1. Imaginary Pen Pal

Imagine that you have an acquaintance that lives in a nation where All Saints' Eve celebration is not popular. You have to explain all the details about the roots and peculiarities in your essay writing about Halloween holiday. All you need to do is use general facts, your experience and knowledge so as to come up with the speech writing services. Here are few points which are useful in terms of knowing how to write to a friend living in a foreign country:

  • In summary talk about the origin of the holiday;
  • Say a few words concerning the traditional carvings of the pumpkin as well as adding a couple of the pictures;
  • Tell ways of All Hallows' Eve celebration. This involves giving detailed description on how people normally decorate their yards, houses. Apart from that, give an overview of how kids do the “treat or trick” and ways in which people choose their costumes;
  • It is also worth remembering to mention how Halloween parties are organized.

#2. Spooky Tale

This is another exciting and easy way on how to write an essay. Make up a scary story! In fact, you should think about good ideas for your story which involves: dead men, witches, and ghost. By minding that description, the vivid details will make the writing interesting. Moreover, the story can be based on the personal experience.

To be precise, you might be talking about how the last All Hallows' Eve was. 

Therefore, it is wise to look up for some narration and even articles which are useful. Since the essays are the most recognized academic papers, you need to contact writers who are professionals, well-structured and in-depth. Thus, you will get some useful advice on your query about how to write a work on Halloween holidays. Or you may simply contact the online assistants to order essay or just to get a hint.


This is fun as every person is allowed to do an activity, which they have not done before. Furthermore, it is an ultimate way of thinking that your life is better. If you are an American citizen, we require distractions which can enable us to be a part of the celebration. You can only achieve that through the Halloween party.

As mentioned above, it is a night festival held every year. Being a significant part of our social life it is not surprising that All Hallows' Eve is worth being mentioned among the assignment topics.

The useful tips mentioned above will assist you in not only in the queries about how to do a paper on Halloween paper writing, but also in any type of essays for sale. Therefore, you need to use the guidelines as it is of great benefit to you.

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