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When I became a student at the University of Phoenix back in May of this year, I was so excited to further my education. I can honestly say that I do feel like I am learning in my classes, and my instructors and fellow classmates have been very helpful. I currently have a 3.9 GPA, and I fully intend on maintaining it. However, my recent experience with the financial aid department has shredded my positive attitude towards this school entirely. My first financial aid disbursement back in June (student loans and Pell Grant) came through just fine with no issues. I am a stay at home mother and my husband works full-time.

When enrolling, I made it very clear that I would not be working while in school full-time, and that the financial aid I received while in school was going to be my only income. I was assured at that time that this is what most unemployed students did, and this wouldn't be a problem. Fast forward to last month, September 20th, 2017. I was due to receive my next disbursement, so my husband and I planned out which bills we would pay using that money. I received nothing on that day, and no explanation. I did not immediately fly off the handle because the money was late. I decided to reach out to my academic and financial aid advisors to see what the hold up was.

I was assured at that time through an email that my aid was being verified and processed, and to give them a few more business days to get it done. On September 23rd, my laptop completely broke. I am an online full-time student, so things like my laptop should be considered a necessity in order for me to get my assignments done correctly and submitted on time. Did anyone care that I now have to travel 30 mins. both ways to my mother's home in order to use her computer? No. Did anyone care that our car broke down last week and is currently still sitting at the shop? No.

The worst part of all this? My family and I were directly affected by the mass shooting here in Las Vegas recently. I pleaded with my financial advisor to please get the ball rolling on my money because I needed to go donate blood, and contribute what I could to the funerals and medical bills of the two people we lost. We are still devastated. Even after that, ONLY my awesome academic advisor reached out to me personally to offer her condolences. My financial advisor decided to completely ignore what I said, and instead sent me a generic response about my aid being verified again. What exactly needs to be verified? This is the exact same paperwork and tax transcripts that they had on file for us when they released my funds in June. None of our information has changed and I am doing an excellent job in my classes.

So here we are, Monday October 9th, and I still haven't received ANY detailed information as to why the money is late nor why my information is still in the verification stage. As of September 27th, my student loans processed to my account. How can my student loans be applied but not the grant money, which the school receives all at one time? They are holding on to my money, and I don't know why. I have been calling the number all day trying to reach a financial advisor, and I was on hold for about 15 mins. each time before hanging up. (It has never taken that long to get someone on the line.)

I am strongly considering filing a formal complaint with the D.O.E. if I do not receive some valid answers soon. My family is having to suffer because someone in their office refuses to click a few buttons and approve my funds. This is unacceptable, and I hope those of you considering this school please take this into consideration. If this isn't handled soon, I will also be looking to transfer out. I'm sure I'm not the only one going through this.

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Thinking about attending a 4-year online college? Think again. The University of Phoenix Online is a huge for-profit diploma mill. This online college operates to take your money and teach you nothing. I know this for a fact because I attended their Bachelors of Science in Information Technology program, I graduated with a conceited 3.9 grade point average, and almost a year after graduating from their program, I am still unemployed. I didn't learn anything in their program, only type papers all day long, and I have a huge $50,000.00 debt in student loans that I have to pay back.

A former employee of the University of Phoenix Online claims this fraudulent business is there first and foremost only for the money. You can read his entire claim published 5/31/2009 here:

So, if education doesn't matter, why allow for any college or university to remain in operation if money is the first and only issue? Why isn't the Department of Education shutting down this huge scam?

I've done tons of online research and at web site "", I've read about students getting easy A's and I mean easy. Former students claimed receiving an A for turning in work late but they still got an A as in 100%. Other students on this web site claimed they got 98% because they failed to turn in a bibliography or works cited page. Well, isn't it called plagiarism if you don't turn in a bibliography page?

I was particularly interested in the section about the University of Phoenix awards ceremony. The sales people, the enrollment counselors, got 70% of the awards, the academic counselors got 20%, and the financial aid counselors got the remaining 10%. Well why would a financial aid counselor get an award? For what? Financial aid counselor of the year?

We need to shut down this diploma mill now!

I'm glad I attended the University of Phoenix Online because my 2 years there has proven that this college is indeed a huge scam!

A Few Obvious Signs of this Diploma Mill in Operation:

1. They enroll anyone and everyone meaning if you can't get accepted at any 2 year or 4 year college, they will accept you, even if you failed your S.A.T. exam.

2. You don't have to take any SAT or other scholastic achievement college entrance examinations to enroll.

3. You don't have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to enroll in graduate level study.

4. The majority of colleges and universities in the U.S.A. state that if you have been out of college for 10 years, all of your college credits that you have earned become expired, meaning, you have to start all over again, as a freshman with 0 college credits. University of Phoenix Online will still accept your college credits even if you've been out of school for 20 years.

5. They will take life experiences as college credit.

6. They enroll people with extremely bad English grammar and writing skills.

7. They say that they'll train you and teach you job skills like how professionals do it in the real world and they don't.

8. Classes are an easy 5 weeks of typing papers and relying on the person with the most knowledge to pass the learning team.

9. Classes are taught by facilitators, not instructors or teachers.

10. You will get some nasty instructors that won't answer any of your telephone calls or emails until the class is over. I can prove it with my Windows Networking instructor, Mr. Paul Rouk because he finally contacted me 2 weeks after the class was over! As a teacher, shouldn't you be passionate about helping your students succeed and become over-achievers? I would help my students succeed in every possible way, not ignore their telephone calls or email messages, wait 2 weeks until the class is finished, and then offer the student help. What if the student failed the class and had to repeat it again? What if the student had to repeat the same class with the same instructor?

11. The academic and financial aid counselors will be there for you saying even though you're not learning anything, once you get your bachelors degree, you'll be able to get a better job in your field of study. They're telling you this and being nice to you so they can get paid but what they should be telling you is that once you graduate, you'll have a "worthless" degree in your hands. Once you graduate, you'll be unemployed and wish you attended your local state university. I graduated a year ago in July 2008 and I'm still unemployed. I've read complaints about former students who graduated 3 years ago and are still not working in their field because they were improperly and inadequately trained.

12. Many employers don't acknowledge resumes with the University of Phoenix credential.

13. They only care about your money, not the education you receive.

14. Cheating and plagiarism is widepread at the University of Phoenix Online. Online students constantly cheat on their individual and learning team assignements, as well as, plagiarize on their writing assignments. The University of Phoenix deletes all of its online classroom correspondence so that this information cannot be investigated by the United States Department of Education.

15. No information about faculty. You cannot call up a faculty member and inquire about the program of study you're interested in, what students really learn, and what companies former students are currently working for. Their faculty hold college degrees if not from diploma mill, University of Phoenix, then from other diploma mills.

16. No information about its graduates. Only 2% of students complete their programs of study. Eventually, this statistic adds to the student loan default rate because graduates cannot get hired in their field of study with their University of Phoenix degee.

Call 866-766-0766 today and ask an enrollment counselor what companies in the past have hired its graduates and they won't give you a name of one company. So, why attend if you cannot get hired with the poor quality of education offered by the University of Phoenix?

Basically, they'll do anything to get your foot in the door. I've heard scandals that they have enrolled students who don't hold valid high school diplomas or a G.E.D. and that is a serious offense, because in order to qualify for financial aid such as Pell grants or subsidized Stafford loans, you need a valid high school diploma or G.E.D.

Lastly, the University of Phoenix has lost several legal battles and paid one settlement of more than $250 million dollars for de-frauding investors. The University of Phoenix lost another legal battle to former employees who claimed they were discriminated against because they were not affiliated with the Mormon religion. The University of Phoenix ended up paying 9 million dollars to those former employees. Google "University of Phoenix lawsuit lawsuit legal battle" and you'll find more cases.

We need to stop this online college scam now! We need to bring down this 2-billion-dollar company now!


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